Chemical tanks are used to haul a variety of products. Tanks include center and rear unloading units, stainless steel units, insulated and non-insulated units and single and multi-compartment units. Capacities range from 5000 gallons to 9000 gallons.

Petroleum Products

MTI has the capability to haul many petroleum products. Asphalt, lube oils, fuel oils, transformer oil, gas oil, crude oil, waxes, diesel fuel, jet fuel, solvents, naphtha, light straight run, condensate, natural gasoline, pentanes, hexanes, butanes, propanes, and more. Local or long distance, hot or cold products.


MTI has over 150 MC 331 tanks for hauling odorized and non-odorized propane, PP mixes, butane, BB mixes, butane, butadiene, and other liquefied petroleum gases and natural gasoline.

Sulfur Products

MTI currently has over 100 sulfur trailers hauling approximately 200 loads per day of molten and emulsified sulfur. The dispatch system is set up for daily inventory control and there are dedicated drivers and equipment to keep the sulfur moving.


MTI has a variety of equipment designed to transport different types and concentrations of acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, acetic, propionic, phosphoric, etc.) and caustics (caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, caustic potash, bleach, etc.)

MTI has different types of phenolic and rubber lined trailers, and derakane lined trailers with several types of loading and unloading configurations. MTI has 3 axle caustic trailers based in Louisiana which enables them to get maximum payload on some intra-state Louisiana locations.

Pulpmill Liquid

A large percentage of MTI’s current business deals with pulp mill liquids; black, green, & white liquor, soap skimmings, tall oil, caustic, sodium hydrosulfide, emulsified sulfur, etc. MTI currently has over 160 stainless steel insulated tank trailers available for this service.

Anhydrous Ammonia

MTI is currently hauling Anhydrous Ammonia in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida with dedicated MC 331 quenched and tempered (QT) trailers . The QT trailers are suitable for hauling Anhydrous Ammonia if it has been inhibited by the addition of water (0.2% by weight). The shipping papers must show the words “0.2 PERCENT WATER”. Other types of ammonia (uninhibited, refrigeration grade, metallurgical grade, etc.) cannot be hauled in these trailers.

Methanol, Acetone, Toluene, Xylene

Large capacity, light weight MC 307 & DOT 407 aluminum trailers are used for these products to get maximum payload. The fleet also consists of multi compartment aluminum trailers.

Crude Oil

From the lease site in the field to the refinery or pipeline injection point or plant-to-plant MTI has trained crude oil driver/gaugers. Trucks are rigged out with the necessary equipment to do lease gauging and drivers are trained for “buying” crude oil in the field and filling out run tickets for custody transfer. Crude Oil, condensate, natural gasoline are some of the products hauled daily.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

MTI has purchased new MC338 tanks for hauling LNG.

Hot Tanks

Hot Tanks were designed specifically to haul polypropylene and other resins and waxes at extremely high temperatures. These high temperatures can be maintained even in sub-zero weather. Customers benefit from Hot Tanks by having the product hot when it arrives, which reduces their costs for melting the products for their process. MTI also hauls hot Asphalt and Molten Sulfur products.


MTI has a variety of asphalt equipment including insulated carbon steel trailers “hot” asphalt and lighter aluminum insulated trailers for lower temperature asphalts, anionic and cationic emulsions, heavier oil products, etc. Pumps available, if needed, and mounted on the trailers for product off loading

Dry Bulk

The dry bulk fleet consists of 3 and 4 hopper tanks, pneumatic and vacuum pneumatic, some with and some without coolers & blowers. The majority of the current dry bulk business is hauling plastic pellets, lime, starch, carbon, barite, sand, & cement.